Future Me!

Future Me!

Get a headstart with 21st century skills for our complex and fast-changing world.

The world today is getting more complex and changing at a faster pace than ever. To help children embrace change and stay relevant, this programme will teach them three essential skills:
  • Strong Critical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Effective Communication


Programme Highlights

  • Game theory and development
  • Be creative and create your very own game!
  • Bring your game to life through coding
  • Learn the art of presentation and persuasion through:
    • Breathing and Vocal Techniques
    • Posture, Eye Contact, Gestures
    • Vocal Modulation & Projection
    • The Power of Eloquence, Expression & Communication
  • It’s showtime! Campers will present the interactive games they’ve created



  • Gain confidence and become more proactive
  • Enhance critical and logical reasoning
  • Improve understanding of fundamental programming concepts
  • Become an effective problem-solver
  • Boost communication and presentation skills
  • Become a better team player and work well with other children
Programme Details
Age Group:7-9 Year Olds
Dates:9-13 December 2019
Duration:5 days
Time:9.00am - 5.30pm (includes lunch and two tea breaks)

Lifelong Learning Institute

Price:560 (GST inclusive)
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