Animators Unite!

Animators Unite!

Calling all Primary One to Primary Three students: Put on your creative thinking cap and go on a journey to become an animator!


Programme Highlights

  • Be creative and create your very own story!
  • Create animation through coding
  • Experience the use of different vocal expressions and digital voice recording
  • Learn the art of presentation:
    • Breathing and Vocal Techniques
    • Posture, Eye Contact, Gestures and Vocal Projection
  • It’s showtime! Present your digital masterpiece



  • Overcome shyness and become more proactive
  • Enhance critical and logical reasoning
  • Better understanding in fundamental programming concepts
  • Become an effective problem solver
  • Boost presentation skills
  • Become a better team player and work well with other children


Day 1



Introduction to basic Scratch operation for Sprites and its movements


Students will learn how to create their sprites in Scratch and alter their movement, looks and interaction with the users.


Introduction to Storytelling & Animation


Students will learn the basic event flow of creating a simple animation.



Day 2



Variables and Sprite interactions in Scratch


Students will learn how to code their sprites to interact with one another, based on variable changes.


Basics of Storyboarding


Students will learn the importance of storyboarding in animation development and how to create their own.



Day 3



Improving the quality of an Animation


Students will learn the importance of aesthetics and how to improve the quality of an animation.


Final Animation Challenge


Students will code their own re-telling of famous stories or historical events.



Day 4



Techniques on Effective Presentation


Students will learn the important techniques which will help to govern their speech and hone their presentation. This includes breathing techniques, hand gestures and the do’s and don’ts.


Vocal Modulation and Projection


Students will develop the confidence in using appropriate volume and intonation during their presentation.


Editing Voice Recording


Students will make modifications and improvement to their digital voice recording.



Day 5



Effective Demonstrative Speech


Students will learn tips on creating an effective demonstrative speech for their presentation.


Live Presentation to Parents


Students will present their very own animation show which they have created to their parents.



Programme Details
Age Group:7-9 Year Olds
Dates:9 - 13 September 2019
Duration:5 days
Time:9.00am - 5.30pm (includes lunch and two tea breaks)

Lifelong Learning Institute

Price:560 (GST inclusive)
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